ITI Electrician 1st year MCQ 2021

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ITI Electrician 1st year MCQ 2021

# Objective Question Answer’s :-

1.What is the name of the safety sign?
(a)  Warning sign
(b)  Mandatory sign
(c)  Prohibition sign
(d)  Information sign

2.What is smothering in extinguishing of fire?
(a)  Adding the fuel  element to the fire
(b)  Removing the fuel element from the fire
(c)  Using of water to lower the temperature
(d)  Isolating the fire from the supply of oxygen

3.Which is the physical hazard?
(a)  Smoking
(b)  Vibration
(c)  Corrosive
(d)  Radio active

4.Which is the correct sequence of operation to be performed when using the fire extinguisher?
(a)  Pull, Aim, Squeeze , Sweep
(b)  Pull, Aim, Sweep, Squeeze
(c)  Push, Arrange,  Squeeze , Sweep
(d)  Push, Arrange, Sweep, Squeeze

5.Which step of the 5s- concept refers ” Standardization “?
(a)  Step-1
(b)  Step-2
(c)  Step-3
(d)  Step-5

6.Which plier is used for making wire hooks and loops?
(a)  Flat nose plier
(b)  Long nose plier
(c)  Round nose plier
(d)  Diagonal cutting plier

7.What is the use of pincer?
(a)  Twisting the flexible wires
(b)  Cutting small diameter of Wires
(c)  Extracting the pin nails from the wood
(d)  Holding small objects, where finger cannot reach

8.What is the name of safety sign?
(a)  Mandatory sign
(b)  Cautionary sign
(c)  Informatory sign
(d)  Prohibition sign

9.What is the back-ground colour of warning signs in the basic category?
(a)  Blue
(b)  White
(c)  Yellow
(d)  Green

10.Which type of fire extinguisher is used for fire on electrical equipment?
(a)  Halon type
(b)  Foam type
(c) Gas cartridge type
(d)  Stored pressure type

11.Which is the waste disposal method that produces heat?
(a)  Recycling
(b)  Composting
(c)  Incineration
(d)  Waste compaction

12.Which personal protective equipment (PPE)
(a)  Apron
(b)  Goggles
(c)  Ear mask
(d)  Nose mask

13.What is the full form of BIS?
(a)  Board of Indian Standard
(b)  Bureau of Indian Standard
(c)  Board of International Standard
(d)  Bureau of  International Standard

14.Which method is used to lift and move heavy loads?
(a)  Winches
(b)  Crane and slings
(c)  Layers and rollers
(d) Machine moving platforms

15.What is starving in extinguishing of fire?
(a)  Adding fuel to the fire
(b)  Using water to cool the fire
(c)  Removing fuel element from the fire
(d)  Preventing oxygen supply to the fire

16.What is the name of PPE?
(a)  Nose mask
(b)  Head shield
(c)  Face shield
(d)  Hand screen

17.Which disposal method of waste save lot of energy?
(a)  Land fill
(b)  Recycling
(c)  Incineration
(d)  Composting

18.Which artificial respiration method is to be performed to the victim with injuries on the chest and belly?
(a)  Schafer’s method
(b)  Mouth to mouth method
(c)  Mouth to nose method
(d)  Nelson’s arm-lift back pressure method

19.Which type of occupation health hazard is cause for infection?
(a)  Electrical hazard
(b)  Biological hazard
(c)  Physiological hazard
(d)  Psychological hazard

20.What is the use of this tool?
(a)  Holding the hot substances
(b)  Cutting and twisting the wires
(c)  Extracting nails from the wood
(d)  Loosening and tightening the bolts and nuts

21.How will you diagonise the victim is suffering under cardiac arrest?
(a)  Gets pain in spinal guard
(b)  Mouth will be closed tightly
(c)  Heavy swelling on his stomach
(d)  Appears blue colour around his lips

22.What is the name of the tool?
(a)  Wire stripper
(b)  Crimping tool
(c)  Combination pliers
(d)  Diagonal cutting pliers

23.What is the name of the safety sign?
(a)  Warning sign
(b)  Mandatory sign
(c)  Prohibition sign
(d)  Information sign

24.What will be first-aid to be given to stop the bleeding of the victim?
(a)  Applying ointment
(b)  Keep the injured portion upward
(c)  Covering the wound portion by dressing
(d)  Applying pressure over the injured portion

25.What immediate action should be taken to rescue the victim, if he is still in contact with the electrical power supply?
(a)  Pull or push him from the contact by hand
(b)  Inform your authority about this electric shock
(c)  Call someone for helping to remove him from contact
(d)  Break  the contact by switching OFF the power supply

26.What is the name of the cautionary sign?
(a) School
(b) Guarded
(C) Unguarded
(d) Pedestrian crossing

27.Which is the golden hour for the victim injured on head with risk of dying?
(a) First 15 minutes
(b) First 30 minutes
(c) First 45 minutes
(d) First 60 minutes

28.Which condition of the victim is referred as COMA stage?
(a) Unconscious but can respond to calls
(b) Conscious but cannot respond to calls
(c) Breathing but cannot respond to calls
(d) Lie totally senseless and do not respond to calls

1 – D | 2 – D | 3 – B | 4 – A | 5 – D | 6 – C | 7 – C | 8 – A |
9 – C | 10 – A | 11 – C | 12 – D | 13 – B | 14 – B | 15 – C |
16 – D | 17 – B | 18 – D | 19 – B | 20 – C | 21 – D | 22 – D |
23 – D | 24 – D | 25 – D | 26 – D | 27 – B | 28 – D |

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